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Habits are something that we all have!  Good or bad habits can make or break you .  Good beauty habbits will make you !  Washing your face, pampering your skin and using quality cosmetics will make a world of difference when you go out to face the world.  

People will approach you in an entirely new way when you are glowing with self love, beautiful skin and a great look .  Some women even get extra special treatment.  Doors opened for them by strangers, compliments all day long, and even free services from time to time, simply based on their good beauty habbits.

I always say , Wake up and Make up.  Whenever I put on my make up and head out the door , I feel so great like I can do anything .  This is a great habit to have if you have a a lot to accomplish.  There is no time nor room for low self esteem or insecurity. 

A few of my beauty habits are on the list below.

1. Drink Plenty of Water ( great habit for healthy skin) 

2. Wake Up Earlier!  This habit gives you time to apply your make up daily.

3. Prepare the night before so you can chose what type of make up look you want to go with your outfit. 

4. Multi-task! Catch up on Watching your favorite show or Youtuber while applying your make up! This helps the time go by faster and allows you to enjoy the experience of beautifying yourself while being enetertained! 

5. Wash your Hands! I know , This habit is obvious, but it helps to keep your skin clear and from getting as many breakouts after touching your face.

6. Take a daily Selfie and post it on social media or send it to a loved one.  This will keep you motivated to wake up and make up more often .  Also it can help build up your social media platform.  

7. Stay Positive.  Have a good outlook on life in general. Don't Focus on your problems, instead seek out the solutions, less stress allows you to also maintain your beauty longer for a more vibrant glow!


These habits help me to maintain and keep looking the way I like looking . I hope they are some habits that you may adopt to also help you .

A bonus habit that I guess I can throw in here as well is, the habit of complimenting others.

Find a person each day to compliment.  This will help you to see the beauty in others as well as in yourself! 

Sprinke Sprinkle! 

She Ra Seven